We would like to announce that we are now part of The Burdens Group Family

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Combine Harvesters

Without doubt, the NH combine is the leader in its field, with its innovative design, it has won many awards over the past years. The flagship combines are the CR and CX model down to the family farm TC.

There is a combine available for all farms with its CX 8000 & CSX 7000 range.


The all-new CR series is taking combining to the next level. The culmination of over 40 years of rotary harvesting excellence, the six model range spans Class 7 to Class 10 machines, all of which will boost your productivity. Industry leading Twin Rotorâ„ technology. Twin Pitch Rotors. ECOBlueâ„ HI-eSCR Tier 4B compliant engines on CR10.90. Quite simply a roll call of combining excellence. But thereÃâ‚â„s more. The brand new Harvest Suiteâ„ Ultra cab is more spacious, has more glass and iseven more ergonomically designed. The most powerful CR ever has just upped the harvesting stakes.

CX SeriesThe CX7000 and CX8000 Elevation super conventional combines are pushing the boundaries in terms of productivity. Reap the benefits of the worldÃâ‚â„s most powerful conventional combines producing over 490hp (CV) for unsurpassed capacity. The CX7000 and CX8000 elevation are perfectly at home in all crops from wheat to maize, rice and rapeseed. No matter how indulating the terrain, no matter how demanding the conditions. The CX7000 and CX8000 will let you raise your game.

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New Holland has led the roll baler segment for over 25 years, and has introduced a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised the way variable chamber balers operate today. Over 225,000 roll belt balers are working around the globe in the expert hands of farmers and contractors to bring the harvest home. The latest generation is set to redefine round baling with advanced roll belt technology that can improve capacity by up to 20% and density by up to 5%. WhatÃâ‚â„s more, operations can select between a 150cm or 180cm maximum bale size to suit their individual needs. The Roll-Belt baler will also captivate the eye with its distinctive sweeping lines, which add a touch of class to every baling operation.

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New Holland has led the big baler segment for over 25 years, introducing a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised big baling the world over. Owners will be spoilt for choice in terms of bale size, from 80x70cm through to the largest 120x90cm. Ultimate baling performance is guaranteed in all crops, both conventional and emerging crops. Hay and forage operationsÃâ‚â„, straw contractorsÃâ‚â„, biomass businessÃâ‚â„ and large scale arable farmersÃâ‚â„ heads will be won over by up to a 20% capacity increase and up to 5% density improvement, whilst their hearts will beat a little faster when they see the elegant lines of this true harvesting professional.

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Rotor feeder, rotor cutter, square baler, round bales, whatever baler you need, NH has the machine to match your requirements.


  • Warranty up to 5 years
  • 0% finance available on combines and balers
  • Combine and baler available for demonstration this harvest

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