We would like to announce that we are now part of The Burdens Group Family


Wednesday 24th  December                       8am-12 noon

Thursday 25th December                            Closed

Friday 26th December                                 Closed

Saturday 27th December                             Closed

Sunday 28th December                               Closed

Monday 29th December                              Closed

Tuesday 30th December                             Closed

Wednesday 31st December                        Closed

Thursday 1st January 2015                         Closed

Friday 2nd January                                      Closed

Saturday 3rd January                                   Closed

Sunday 4th January                                     Closed

Monday 5th January                                    Normal opening times

We would like to wish our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you for all your business support in 2014.



Published 15th December 2014
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